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BxCoordinator Data Mining





The BxCoordinatortm provides a central controller for accessing information and launching tasks within the BxArraytm  and BxLabtm  Process Flow. It also provides the status of various tasks in the process flow such as the current status of custom chip arraying or the status of probe hybridization and analysis.

Unique automatically generated IDs are used throughout the system and barcodes with these IDs can also be generated. A convention for the IDs was used in all of the applications. Each ID begins with Bx followed by a letter , for example, 'U' for user, 'C' for contact, 'P' for project and 'S' for sample. After the prefix is either an incrementing offset number or a date in the form of 'mmddyy' which is then followed by an incrementing offset number.

Task Data Entry Views and Applications Description
Administrator Manages Users, Contacts, Projects and Samples.
Users Add, Edit and Delete users (e.g. scientists, lab techs, data analyzers) of BxArrayCS.
Companies Add, Edit and Delete companies for projects and contacts.
Contacts Add, Edit and Delete company contacts for projects and contracts.
Projects Add, Edit and Delete projects and contracts. Assign contacts and users to projects.
Project Notes Add and Update notes per project. Within a project notes are also stored by the author's name.
Librarian Manage samples and arrays within the laboratory.
Samples Login samples and edit sample information. Link samples to Projects.
Sample Login Login samples manually or from an Excel or Tab-delimited file. Link samples to projects, assign internal Tracking ID and Batch ID
Lab Book Add and Update Lab Book per sample. Within a sample Lab Book entries are also stored by the author's name.
Protocols Add and Update protocols per sample or project.
Designer This application is used in the experimental design process to create custom microarrays and to manage probe data.
Assay This application provides the user with the ability to use and to develop standard protocols for hybridizing or binding samples to arrayed slides.
Analyzer This application provides basic analysis of  acquired raw data using proprietary algorithms.



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