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The Administrator (BxAdmintm ) sets up and manages user accounts, projects, grants or contracts,  principle investigators, collaborators, clients and security or privilege access.  Security issues have not been addressed in the schema below because they are normally dictated by a companies business rules and are therefore customized options.

Note:  A convention for IDs was used in all applications. Each ID begins with Bx followed by a letter 'U" for user, 'C' for contact, 'P' for project or 'S' for sample.

Data Entry Views Description
Users   Add, Edit and Delete users of BxArrayCS.
Companies   Add, Edit and Delete companies or granting agencies for projects/contracts and contacts.
Contacts   Add, Edit and Delete contacts for projects and contracts.
Projects   Add, Edit and Delete projects and contracts. Assign contacts and users to projects.
  Project Notes Add and Update notes per project per author (User or Contact).


Administrator Database Schema



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