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Data plotting apps are designed to plot multiple datasets to enable comparison of them. The first application to be developed is DataPlot which permits up to 10 datasets to be compared. The application is versatile in that the graph containing the plot of overlapped datasets can be customized to show all or any subset of the dataset collection. The plots are customizable through a color setting dialog box where data points are represented by selectable and sizable symbols. Lines connecting the points can have their thickness and color selected and closed figures may be filled with colors that can have their opacity value set.

In addition user defined functions can be entered and evaluated using their parameters to create a dataset of X,Y values. For example:
    f(x) = 10.0sin(5x)exp(-0.2x) or
    f(x) = 21.12 + 10.0*cos(5*x)*exp(0.2*x) or
    f(t) = 5(10t+4^(2)sin(6.3t)).

 Individual graphs can also be displayed in a slide show format. Graphs can be printed, copied to the clipboard, saved to .png formatted files and shared with applications that accept bitmaps such as PowerPoint, OneNote or WinWord.

DataPlot is now available from the Microsoft Windows Store at the following link:




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