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Periodic Table
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This app displays the periodic table of elements and is designed for touch enabled computers, tablets and Windows Phone. Tapping on an element will display the properties of the selected element. Properties include Atomic and Isotope masses, Group, Type, Electronic Configuration, Oxidation States, Boiling and Melting points and Density. The table can be printed as well as the properties of the selected element.

In the Windows Store version the data is displayed next to the table. The Windows Store App has been updated to better show the Transactinide elements by placing them in a third row below the Lanthanides and Actinides.  The Periodic Table and the data for the selected element can be printed and exported to .png formatted image files or to the clipboard.  In addition, the app supports printing of the legend, alphabetical and atomic numbered ordered lists and element electronic configurations. An Energy graph of the selected element's electronic configuration showing pairing of electrons with spin up and down arrows is now displayed and updated as an element is selected..  In addition, a timeline graph of the dates of element discovery and a graph of the electromagnetic spectrum have been added as have a number of reference tables.

The Windows Phone version is available at:

The Windows store version is available at:




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