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Periodic Table of Fungicides is an application that provides 'Fungicides of the World at Your Finger Tips!' and was a joint application development effort by BioXing and Dow AgroSciences. It is based upon the Periodic Table of Fungicides V3.2 developed by Dow AgroSciences. The App is a convenient reference tool for agricultural specialists and for university courses featuring basic information on the world's top 126 Fungicides. It includes, efficacy and behavior properties, mode of action and target site, resistance risk and FRAC codes, primary crop use patterns, basic physical properties and chemical structures. In addition, your own notes and observations about any fungicide can be recorded using the e-notebook annotation feature. Along with the periodic table view there are additional features such as ‘alphabetical search’, and views such as ‘by Class’, ‘by fungicide’, and ‘by Crop’each of which can be printed. In addition, the tablet and workstation versions provide a 'by Class' and 'by Crop' view with an array of molecular structures for the fungicides in the Class or for the Crop that can be used for comparative analysis.  Helpful links are provided in the Legend. The Periodic Table of Elements with element and isotope properties is also included.

There are versions for different types of devices and operating systems:

bulletMobile/Smart Phones - the App version for Windows Phone 7.1/8 can be obtained from the Microsoft WinPhone App Store under the publishing name of Bio-Connections.
bulletTablets and other touch devices such as laptops and workstations with touch screens and monitors respectively.  The Windows Store App version for Windows 10 and 8 operating systems can be obtained from the Microsoft Windows  App Store. The Windows Store App is designed to run on x86, x64 and Arm touch devices such as the Surface Pro, Surface Pro 3/4, Surface Book,  Surface RT and other Windows 10 and 8 touch enabled devices.
bulletWorkstations running Windows 7, 8 and 10.  This version is a standard windows application or executable and can be purchased directly from BioXing.


Each device version provides the same set of core features along with unique features provided by the capability of the particular type of device.  Refer to each device type section for complete specifications.



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