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BxArrayCStm Database.

This is a Microsoft SQL 2000 Client/Server scalable Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)   Database that is designed for a medium to high production academic or biotechnology laboratory performing DNA, SNP, Protein or other microarray studies.

Key Benefits

bulletIt can be used to manage users and projects and associated grants and contracts.
bulletIt can be used to manage all targets, samples and slides or chips and their information.
bulletIt can be used to store results from scanning, analysis, hybridization conditions and algorithm parameters.
bulletIts design will allow it to be seamlessly linked to knowledge databases.
bulletThe Client/Server Database allows multiple clients to be updating and accessing information at the same.
bulletIt allows for handling of extremely large data volumes into the terabytes (note: Appropriate hardware servers and SANS are necessary for large data volumes.)
bulletMixed Workstation environments of PC workstations, Macintosh computers and Unix workstations are supported.
bulletThis database can also be ported to Oracle, DB2, Sybase or other client/server databases.

The architecture of this system is described in the Documents Section under  BxArraytm Process Flow. The  Hardware Configurations document describes different computer configurations that can be used for this system.



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