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BxReporterTree is a .NET User Control that can be used for printing simple or complex trees.  A simple tree is one that contains only node images and node text while a complex tree is a simple tree with the addition of Tables at some or all of its nodes. It automatically handles different page sizes, orientations and margin settings. By default the ‘Visible’ property of the control is set to false since its default mode is for printing. When there are tables at nodes, BxReporter is used to render the table and an event is triggered just prior to rendering of the table to allow programmatic customization using the customization features provided by the BxReporter product. This includes, but is not limited to, setting fonts, colors, specifying Boolean image styles, showing or not showing captions and headers, setting column sizes and showing or not showing borders and internal grid lines. Tables can contain any type of data supported by BxReporter. For example the table could contain an array of numeric, Boolean and text data, but it could also be a table consisting of one column and one row that contains an image.  


BxReporterTree provides a simple programming interface for initializing with different Tree types.  

1.      It accepts a source TreeNode to which all other nodes in the hierarchy are attached for rendering a simple tree.

2.      It accepts a DataSet with Table Relations and then automatically builds a tree hierarchy associating nodes and tables through automatically setting node tag values with DataSet table indexes. Any duplicate Table Relations that might arise from multiple key relationships are ignored.  Tables will be rendered using BxReporter.

3.      It accepts a TreeNode and a DataSet where the Tag member of the node may contain a zero-based index that references a table in the DataSet.  Referenced tables will be rendered using BxReporter.


In addition BxReporterTree has two node image sets that can be selected or a node image list can be provided at the time of initialization.


BxReporterTree provides public printing event handlers (BeginPrint, EndPrint and PrintPage) for easy rendering of the Tree in response, for example, to an application’s Print and PrintPreview menu items. In addition public methods are available for more control of printing, especially when the output is to be intercalated within a document.


Setting the ‘Visible’ property of BxReporterTree to true and adding it to a control collection will display the control with the Tree appearing similar to how it would be printed with the exception that the control’s size, which is usually different from page sizes, is used during rendering.  The control’s vertical scroll bar can be used to navigate forward and backward through the tree. A limitation is that it is read only.



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