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BxReporterTree was written in Microsoft's C# language and is for use in applications for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 and VISTA.  It comes with complete API documentation and an extensive programmer's manual that includes API terminology definitions and coding examples. There are no royalty charges; only a per application charge.

Since this component requires the BxReporter product; unit prices include the cost of BxReporter.  BxReporterTree is contained within BxReporter.dll.

Current BxReporterTree Product Version and BxReporter Product Version - March 17,2010

License Type

Unit Price

License Type Description

Product IDs



This price is for a Single Developer license to be used for development of applications for personal use by the developer. When an application, using BxReporterTree, is made available for use by other persons and/or sold, then BxReporterTree must be purchased at the current use per application price minus the amount already paid for the developer version.



This price is for use of BxReporter and BxReporterTree in a single application including subsequent versions for resale or use by persons other than the developer.

The following charges will be added:


California state sales tax if applicable


Delivery and Handling charges when mailing of a CD is requested

  Refer to Product License Agreement for a complete description of terms.

Product can be purchased directly* from BioXing:

Sales Department
201 Fieldcrest Ct.
Danville, CA 94506

* In the future on-line purchases will be accepted.




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