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A hierarchical tree is used to provide a graphical organizational view of information as well as to provide a navigation and task selection user interface.  In addition to only having text information at tree nodes information may also be associated in the form of tables. There are many products for displaying hierarchies, but they do not provide for printing the hierarchies as they appear on the screen or graphical user interface. This is due in part because it requires managing printing across multiple pages and it becomes an even more complex problem when nodes have tables. BioXing has developed a .NET User Control called BxReporterTree that prints hierarchical trees including ones that have tables at nodes and automatically manages stitching of tree levels and tables across multiple pages. It is an add-on component for BioXing’s BxReporter product which is a versatile table rendering module.

In addition, since BxReporterTree is a User Control, it can also be used for displaying the same simple and complex hierarchical trees as part of an application’s graphical user interface. 

The design of BxReporterTree not only allows for printing using a printer graphics object, it can also use any graphics object for rendering. This feature is used in the User Control and it could be used to render the Tree or sections of the tree onto a Bitmap for copying to the clipboard or displaying on a web page.



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