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Pete Smietana Ph.D.,  Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Software Architect

Dr. Pete Smietana has designed, actively developed and managed the development of database centric data systems for disparate types of applications in the field of Biotechnology for over 20 years.  At Biosearch the applications included a distributed instrument control system, an automated chemical synthesis protocol language and an expert system for DNA and Peptide Synthesizers. At Molecular Dynamics database centric systems were designed and developed for DNA sequencing, genotyping and microarray expression data acquisition and analysis. He developed at Ciphergen Biosystems and GeneLogic novel methods for integrating protein and DNA expression data with public and private clinical and genomic databases. He has co-organized Bioinformatics conferences at UC Davis, presented numerous seminars on Bioinformatics and co-organized a conference dedicated to DNA microarray statistics and algorithms.



Expertise of Other Team Members

bullet    C, C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, C#, JAVA
bullet    HTML, ASP, JavaScript and VBScript
bullet    XML, SOAP
 Software capability specific for Biotechnology:
bullet    Client-Server applications
bullet    Web Applications
bullet    Database Design and Development
bullet    Algorithm Development
        (e.g. statistical learning, fuzzy logic, markov chain, clustering, global optimization,
         generic  algorithm, SVM, ...)
bullet    Distributed Architecture and Implementation
bullet    Visual .NET Web services and related application support.
bullet    Migration of existing C++, VC++ and VB applications to .NET Platform
Knowledge databases:
bulletOther related and supporting databases



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