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Product Summary

BxReporter is an easy to use .NET component for creating complex reports using multiple disparate data tables in applications. It is designed for displaying and printing scientific or business tabular data from single to multiple pages. BxReporter contains proprietary algorithms that automatically perform fast and flexible data dependent table layout.

BxReporter renders data displayed by DataGrids and contained in DataTables and DataViews where data types can be strings, numbers, booleans and images. Proprietary algorithms are used to automatically handle large tables that require wrapping of columns and rows across multiple pages and maintain alignments for stitching pages when row heights are affected by image sizes and wrapped text within cells. Stitching is facilitated through table annotation of section-row indexing and border drawing.  Customization of table appearance, page headers and footers is provided through an extensive set of properties and methods.

BxReporter is designed to be used with the standard .NET printing model that uses PrintDocument and PageSettings classes and the BeginPrint, EndPrint and PagePrint event handlers.  This design allows easy management of printing simple or large tables, intercalating printing of tables within the printing stream and for creating standardized reports by combining multiple types of tables.  

In addition to printing, BxReporter can be used to render tables onto any graphics device that is used in WinForm (Workstation) and WebForm (Web) applications such as on client areas and bitmaps.  This capability can be used in conjunction with copying to the clipboard to provide WYSIWYG between displaying, printing and pasting into other applications.

BxReporter was written in Microsoft's C# language. It has optimized versions for application development with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.  It also comes with complete API documentation and an extensive programmer's manual, which includes API terminology definitions and coding examples.



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