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Privacy Policy
DataFit Privacy Policy Disclaimer



Internet Usage

The internet is used to connect BioXing's website to provide information about BioXing the developer of the DataFit application.  No information or data is transmitted or received through the internet by the application.


Collection and Use of Information

No user personal data is collected by the application. All user data and metadata are stored in XML formatted files in user selected directories and only used by the application.


Disclosure of Information

No user personal or annotation data is disclosed by the application.


Websites and Cookies

Links to websites are provided to provide information on the companies that developed the application and to augment data fitting methods contained within the application. No Cookies are created by this application, but may be created by accessed websites depending upon browser settings.


Transfer of Information

No user or inputted data is transferred to third parties by the application. The DataFit application does provide a mechanism for exporting and sharing of data.



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